Granths by Sant Nihal Singh (Nirmala) ad...

February 25, 2021

Added today are four Granths by Sant Nihal singh (Nirmala) to the website for all to download. The granths are;

  • Bhav Sagat Setu Granth
  • Sikhi Parbhakar
  • Nirmal Parbhakar
  • Sudhsar Shatak Pachisa

More to follow soon

Wahiguru Mantarath Granth Added today

February 18, 2021

Added today is another great PDF. This one is the Waheguru Mantarath Granth written by Pandit Ishar Singh (Kanshi Wale). This granth contains some great Nirmala knowledge on the definitions of the Vahiguru mantra.

More to follow soon

New Granths added

February 17, 2021

Added within the Punjabi books section id a folder for Pandit Gulab Singh (Nirmala). Within the folder are the granths of the Adhyatam Ramayan and the Parbodh Chandar Natak to download.


5th Raas of Suraj Parkash added

February 15, 2021

Currently being added is the katha of the fifth Raas of the Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash Granth by Baba Jagjit Singh (Harkhowal wale). In total there are 66 mp3s.

More will follow soon

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5th Raas of Suraj Parkash added