More Audio Katha added

August 31, 2018

Added overnight are 41 mp3 files of katha by Sant Joginder Singh (Badrinath Wale) on the Vivek Churamani Granth.


More to follow soon

Vichar Sagar Katha being added

August 20, 2018

Currently being added is the complete Vichar Sagar Katha which is in 117 MP3s by Sant Joginder Singh Ji (Badrinath Wale)

More to follow soon thanks to the generosity of the sangat

More Lareevar Katha added

August 18, 2018

Currently being uploaded is audio Mp3s of Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowa Wale. There are currently 57 mp3s being added which will take the katha up to ang 400.

More to follow soon

New Videos added

August 14, 2018

Videos of katha added by Sant Giani Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale from 2017 in Leicester and currently being uploaded are videos from 2018 in Leicester.


More to follow soon

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New Videos added