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New katha added

Added today are 46 Mp3s of katha from the third Raas of the Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash katha by Baba Harnam Singh (Bhindrawale) More to follow soon

New stuff added today

Added today is the Gurbani Santhiya by Giani Gurpreet Singh (Damdami Taksal wale) on the Gatha Mahalla Panjva and the Sahaskriti Salok. Also added today is the PDF file of Mahatma Santren by Piara Singh Padam. More to add soon

New PDF files added today

Added today for those who are interested in Vedant granths are two texts worth reading. The two are; Bhavrasamrit Steek by Giani Bishan Singh Vichar Mala Teeka by Giani Gurvinder Singh Nangli More texts to follow soon

New Gurbani Katha added

Added today another 17 audios mp3s of katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The katha is by Nihang Giani Sher Singh (Ambala wale). More to be added soon

Tankhanama Katha added

Added today are three MP3s of Katha by Giani Sher Singh (Ambala wale) on the Tankhanama by Bhai Nand Lal Ji. More to be added soon

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