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New katha Mp3s added

Recently added are 73 new Katha Mp3s by Bhai Daljeet Singh (Damdami Taksal wale). More to be added soon

Das Granth Paath Bodh Samagam recordings

Added today are the 2019 Audio MP3 recording of the Das Granthi Paath Bodh Samagam from Gurdwara Singh Sabha Malton. This samagam was undertaken by Giani Bhagwan Singh (Bhidrawale) and Giani Balraj Singh (Damdami Taksal wale) More to follow soon

More katha for those socially isolated!

Added today over 50 Mp3s of Katha by Giani Manpreet Singh Ji (Damdami Taksal wale). More katha to be added soon

More Katha added

Since everyone seems to be self isolating, more mp3s of katha have been added. Katha has been added by Giani Darshan Singh (Damdami Taksal wale). More to follow soon.

Lots of New Audio Mp3s added

Since the new year lots of Mp3s of Katha have been added to the site, 908 in total. This following have been added; – Bhai Baldev Singh (Damdami Taksal wale) – 28 Mp3s added including katha on the Naveen Panth Parkash – Bhai Vishal Singh (Amritsar Wale) – 287 Mp3s added including katha of the […]

New katha for Sri Nanak Parkash added

With the advent of 550 years since the manifestation of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the katha of Sri Nanak Parkash by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale has been added to the audio section. More to follow soon

Over 200 Mp3s of Katha added

Added today over 200 Mp3s of katha added to the website. 84 Mp3s of katha by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji (Damdami Taksal wale) 127 Mp3s of katha by Giani Pritpal Singh (Patiala wale) on the Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash Katha of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. More to follow soon

More Katha Mp3s added

Added overnight are 88 Mp3s of Katha from the Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash Granth by Giani Pritpal Singh (Patiala Wale). More to follow soon

New Katha videos added

New Katha videos by Giani Ram Singh (Damdami Taksal) and Baba Hari Singh (Randhawe Wale) have been added to the site. More to follow soon

New Videos Added

Lots of new videos of katha by Baba Hari Singh Randhawe Wale have been added to the website. More to follow soon

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