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New Audio katha being addedand Literature

Gurfateh over the last few days over 50 books have been added to the English books and Punbaji books. Audio katha (170) files of katha on the Sri Sukhmani Sahib have been added by Giani Pritpal Singh (Patiala Wale) and currently the Sri Jap Ji Sahib Katha by Giani Harbhajan Singh Dhudhikey (Vidyarthi Sampardai Bhindra) […]

Gurbani Ucharan Audio added

Added today thanks to Maan23 from Youtube is the Gurbani Ucharan of the Nitnem Banis by Bhai Gurdeep Singh Ji Damdami Taksal Wale. More to follow soon

Sri Dasam Granth Santhiya added

The following has been added to the site under the Gurbani Ucharan: Dasam Paath Bodh Smagam (August 2014) at Gurdwara Shaheedi Baagh (Anandpur Sahib) Led by Tarna Dal Nihang Singh’s and Dam Dami Taksal – Including Giani Bhupinder Singh (Boperai) Giani Mehtab Singh (Bhamboe), Giani Gurvinder Singh (Nangli), recordings were done by Sach Ki Bela. […]

Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib Katha Completed!

I am happy to announce with the advent of Sant Giani Kartar Singh’s (Bhindrawale) Barsi coming up the complete katha of the Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib Ji by the great Giani Harbhajan Singh Dhudhikey (Vidyarthi Sampardai Bhindra) being fully uploaded onto the site. This includes all of the katha on the Sri Charitropakhyan and […]

New Katha added

Audio katha by Baba Inderjit Singh Ji (Ratiya Wale) added to the mp3 section. This is katha into the opening of the Sri Naveen Panth Parkash by Giani Gyan Singh. Baba Inderjit singh area student from the Bhindra Taksal who learned under the tutelage of Sant Giani Mohan Singh Bhindrawalae.

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