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Bavan Akhri and Sukhmani Sahib Katha added

Currently being added is the katha of the Sri Bavan Akhri and Sri Sukhmani Sahib by Sant Hari Singh (Randhawe wale). The katha is part of the ongoing Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Lareevar Katha. More to follow soon

New Katha MP3s added

Added within the last few minutes are the initial 40 MP3s of Katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji (Randhawe wale) of the Gauri Rag within Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. More katha to follow soon.

New PDF added today

Added today is a PDF of the granth known as the ‘Sri Narayan Hari Updesh’ by Pandit Hardev Singh Nirmala. Great granth with more to be added soon.

New Granths added to Library

Added within the last few minutes, the four parts to the Sri Gur Pur Parkash by Kavi Sant Ren Prem Singh. The four texts cover the lives of the Gurus. This text is written by the kavi who is a descendant of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji. More to be added soon

New katha added

Added today are 46 Mp3s of katha from the third Raas of the Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash katha by Baba Harnam Singh (Bhindrawale) More to follow soon

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